The little treasures (Volume 27)

Onward we roll, grateful for unlimited space!

Contributor: Don Anderson

Date of pictures: 1951 to 1953

Date of contribution: November 16, 2016

Caption: “Our family found several pictures that my deceased father took while serving in the Korean War.

“My father, Ralph Anderson, served in the Army’s 2nd Division, 38th Regiment, Company K, from 1951 to 1953. These pictures were among the items he brought back from Korea. I believe the pictures are of USO entertainers, possibly screen actresses from Hollywood. We are curious who they are. Perhaps some of your readers may recognize them. The Bulletin Board may be a good way to find out, as well as an item of human interest to your readers.”


Contributor: Leona Morelan of Little Canada

Date of picture: 1948

Date of contribution: March 2009

Caption: “This is a picture of my two sons, Bill and Jim, in 1948. The were into Hopalong Cassidy at the time. They are now in their late late years.”


Contributor: Joe Pereira of Shoreview

Date of picture: 1953

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “No cowboy hats here, but a fedora and an Easter bonnet. It was Easter Sunday 1953. That’s me and my cousin Carol (9) with spanking-new outfits. She sure is cute — and lives in Philadelphia, where the picture was taken. I hope you enjoy.”


Contributor:  H. Mae Frankenberg

Date of picture: 1928 (?)

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “This picture is of the White kids in Madison, Florida: Mae, Lloyd, Pearl and Coral — 1928 year?

“The truck was used by Dad to haul ice from an ice plant to places around Madison.

“I remember one winter we had to let the water run in the kitchen sink. In the morning we had a sink full of ice — up to the faucet.

“Memories, memories.

“Family is gone, and I’m OTD.”


Contributor: Kathy Schwartzbauer of St. Paul

Date of pictures: 1959

Date of contribution: August 20, 2008

Caption: “I was hoping you could run these pictures of the Doll Cake my mom made for my First Communion in 1959. My mom is now 86. She has made me numerous cakes through the years, including other Doll Cakes — one for my high school graduation. My mom has made cakes for others in the family through the years — too many to count.”


Contributor: Margie Hopkins

Date of picture: Unknown

Date of contribution: Unknown (probably 2008)

Caption: “The doll-cake pictures warm my 85-year-old heart when they’re shown.

“We have three daughters, and this is Lisa Ann, our youngest. She had a party on her 8th birthday, with all of her playmates attending

“Now she has two sons and one daughter. Also, two grandchildren.

“Thanks for the memories.”

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