The little treasures (Volume 26)

Believe it or not, we are still not near the end of the photographs and captions that never found space in the daily-newsprint Bulletin Board.


Giant mushrooms

Contributor: Phyllis Bernards

Date of picture: September 21, 2010

Date of contribution: October 7, 2010

Caption: “Sept. 9th saw a mushroom picture [in Bulletin Board]. My husband and I walked around Bennett Lake not long after and happened to look in the wooded area near County Road C and Victoria, and there were two large mushrooms.

“Next day I brought my camera and had my husband go in and take a picture of them. Showed his foot so you can get an idea of their size. I am a little slow getting prints made and getting them sent to you.

“Love Bulletin Board!”


1942 Ice Palace

Contributor: Carmell (we think)

Date of picture: February 1947

Date of contribution: February 10, 2004

Caption: “I have enjoyed the Ice Palace pictures — and thanks to the BB, I now have the 1942 Ice Palace picture that I didn’t have. (I was living in Dallas, Texas, and had given birth on November 1st.) The little girl in the picture is Nancy.”


after a blizzard

Contributor: Dick Littfin of West St. Paul

Date of picture: January 1982

Date of contribution: January 20, 2012

Caption: “Lately, TV and newspaper media have blitzed us with information regarding the lack of snowfall this winter.

“This photo illustrates the aftermath of a January 1982 (30 years ago) blizzard. Note the headline ‘Blizzard blitzes state.’ After much shoveling, I took a respite and enjoyed a brewski, which was so refreshing.”


baby tasting ice cream

Contributor: Julia Drabczak of Maplewood

Date of picture: July 1943

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “Daughter Sharon Kay Drabczak was born September 9, 1942, at 9 o’clock p.m., Wednesday, at 9 pounds.

“July 1943: Sharon Kay is tasting ice cream for the first time. Looks like she is enjoying it.”


kids in plane, 1921
kids in plane, 1921 (back side)

Contributor: Phyllis Kavanagh of Shoreview

Date of picture: 1921

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “The Shanleys: Hattie, 4 years, and Frank, 3 years.

“From the East Side of St. Paul, on Reaney Avenue.

“Men came around house-to-house with props to get people to have family pictures taken.

“Looks like Frank loved it. Hattie’s not so sure about the whole thing.”


fawn in the garden

Contributor: Shirley Thom of Roseville

Date of picture: May 25, 2009

Date of contribution: May 28, 2009

Caption: “I had a surprise in my iris garden Memorial Day, May 25th. After taking flowers and attending the services at Elmhurst Cemetery, I came home and decided to water the flower gardens. All of a sudden in the iris garden, this darling little face looked up at me! Apparently, the doe had decided to drop her fawn by the fence, where it was safely hidden by the iris leaves. Hunters in my family told me the doe will leave the fawn alone for perhaps 12 hours. Because the fawn has no scent, it is safe from predators. In the early evening, the doe returned and Baby Iris (I call her that) followed her mother way back into my yard, where she stopped by my husband’s little memorial garden and had her first ‘meal’ from mom. All I could think of was: ‘God’s in His Heaven, and all’s right with the world’ — at least for one perfect day.”

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