Random Harvest (No. 6)

Then & Now

If you have a free half-hour this weekend, you might very well fill it with this: “Earthrise” — the story of Apollo 8 and her trio of astronauts, looking back in time (half a century this month!) and in space.


’Tis the season!

A Bulletin Boarder called Rutabaga55 has been thinking about Christmas gifts — specifically about the fact that she and those she loves don’t need a blessed thing; that she and they have, in fact, more of pretty much everything than they need.

So this article hit home for her. She recommended it, for those of you who might be thinking similarly: Forget Trinkets. These Gifts Change Lives.

“As Neil Young would say: ‘Long time gone.'” Well, sure, OK — but still as fresh as yesterday!


Who were you then?

Here’s a Saturday email from our Official Attorney, Mr. Tulkinghorn — once again off the clock: “One of my partners turns 38 today, so I was reminiscing with her, to wit:

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