Here’s the latest “news” . . . and don’t you dare stop the presses!

The great comebacks

Monday email from The Doryman of Prescott, Wisconsin: “Subject: A firm grasp of the obvious.

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Where have all the B. Boarders gone?

NOT complaining, mind you!

Just saying:

In the final everyday installment of Bulletin Board in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, on the 30th of October in 2016, we thanked a list of frequent contributors for their words and pictures, which had given us so much pleasure over the previous quarter-century.

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R.I.P., Stephen Hawking.

In memoriam

A couple of days ago, we heard from Kathy S. of St Paul: “Subject: Stephen’s Spirit.

“Stephen Hawking died today.

“He said science explained everything without theology (i.e., a supreme being). We won’t know if he was right until we join him. My first thought, upon hearing he is now free of all gravity, is from John Gillespie Magee, Jr.: ‘I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth . . . and touched the face of God.’

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Remember when an immigrant superhero saved the Earth?

Then & Now

Zoo Lou of St. Paul: “Subject: Man of Steel.

“When I was growing up, in the ’50s, I never missed ‘The Adventures of Superman’ on our 13-inch Motorola with the fuzzy picture. I was in total awe of the Man of Steel, even though his ‘disguise’ as mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent consisted of a mere pair of glasses; anyone could see they were the same person.

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