The little treasures (Volume 25)

Yet again we dig into our heretofore unpublished photos and captions, submitted during the daily-newsprint era of Bulletin Board (1990 to 2016).

bread making

Contributor: A.M.P. of Oak Park Heights

Date of picture: 1971

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “After looking at many old pictures, I came across this one from 1971. My daughter Mary Ellen couldn’t wait for a slice; she first had to sample some of  her dad’s bread. 

“My husband, Diz, started baking 16 loaves at a time in the early ’60s. They were delicious!

“We had four little ones to feed.

“Those were the days!”


Maureen the French Teacher on Sally the Pony

Contributor: Maureen the French Teacher

Date of picture: 1944

Date of contribution: September 1, 2008

Caption: “‘All Dressed Up and Ready to Ride.’

“This is a photo of me, taken in the summer of 1944 in Madison, Wisconsin, on Madison Street. I was almost 3 years old. If you look carefully at the stirrups, you will see the pony’s name, ‘Sally,’ and the year, 1944. I was pretty happy to be on a pony in my own front yard.”


1st day of school 1932

Contributor: Mrs. Stretch

Date of picture: September 7, 1932

Date of contribution: August 31, 2007

Caption: “Again it’s time for school to begin, and mothers are getting their offspring ready for the first day of the new season. Seventy-five years ago, my mother was doing the same. She had sewn the dresses for my sister (the little one, who seems to be in danger of losing her bloomers) and me. Tams were the ‘in’ thing, and we both had one. My book bag was also home-sewn. Most important was the gallon syrup pail which Mother had packed with, naturally, syrup sandwiches. But I loved school and came home that night so excited, I couldn’t wait for the next day to begin. Our collie dog, however, would have no part of it, and took off, not about to jeopardize her freedom to roam.”


Boys with wrong size pants

Contributor: Margaret M. Dolan (“their older sister”)

Date of picture: Unknown

Date of contribution: January 25, 2007

Caption: “I am enclosing a precious family photo which the general public would enjoy and be amused by.

“John Terrance (Doc) Dolan, 4 years old, wanted to go to school, so he pulled on the nearest overalls he saw, which belonged to F.J. (Steve) Dolan, age 6, in the first grade. (There was no lower class.)

“Doc marched up to school, only to be met by the principal of Milroy, Minnesota, Sigurd Qualey, who was greeting the country buses as they arrive.

“He asked Doc to wait until brother Steve arrived. Upon Steve’s arrival, who had no choice of overalls, who had to pull on the skimpy 4-year-old’s, the principal snapped the picture noting the great divergence.

“Doc went on to be a Hall of Fame recipient at Cretin-Derham Hall. He had nine children, who all worked at Doc’s Place restaurant.”


family of 4, 1923, Gary, SD

Contributor: Heights Grandma (Katherine)

Date of picture: 1923

Date of contribution: 2013

Caption: “This photo was taken in 1923, in my parents’ front yard in Gary, South Dakota. Tom and Clara McLain welcomed daughter Katherine on April 1, 1922. My father and mother were pleased on April 1, 1923, when brother Jack joined the family. My dad took a lot of good-natured ribbing to have two babies born a year apart on April Fools’ Day.

“Jack is deceased, and I am 91 years old.”


TCK on big trike

Contributor: Rita Saumweber of St. Paul

Date of picture: Early 1930s

Date of contribution: 2010

Caption: “This handsome tyke is my dad, T.C.K., who will celebrate his 80th birthday on September 4th.

“I love everything about this picture — especially his impish grin, which he still has. I’m sure the bike was a real treasure, as his dad died before he was born and his mom struggled to make ends meet.

“He was an only child, but always wanted a big family of his own, and there are eight of us. He was a hard worker and took good care of his kids and his wife, the lovely K.K.

“He’s still handsome, rode a stationary bike until a few years ago, loves all things history-related, and never met a dessert he didn’t like.

“Happy Birthday, Dad, and as you always tell us: Be careful out there!”

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