The little treasures (Volume 24)

On and on we go, FINALLY publishing photographs and captions sent to us back in the newsprint-only years, when we generally had space for only a single picture each day. No such limitations now! (O, highfalutin pleasures.)

Brevold kids on horse

Contributor: Betty

Date of picture: 1934

Date of contribution: ca. 2010

Caption: “The Brevold kids on ‘Black Beauty’: big brother Howard Jr., deceased, Betty & Curt. Taken in 1934. Happy 80th birthday, Curt!”


poem and picture

Contributor: Bill Bender of Anoka

Date of picture: Spring 2003

Date of contribution: August 23, 2012

Caption: “Nine years ago, our daughter, Jo, snapped this picture of me sitting on the dock at our cabin holding her year-old son. I didn’t realize she had taken the picture and was pleasantly surprised several weeks later when she gave it to me framed, along with a verse she had written describing her thoughts that afternoon. In the years since then, she and her husband, and now two sons, have visited our cabin many times, and all of the things she whispered have come true, plus much more. I thought your readers might enjoy the verse, which is a wonderful example of a mother’s love and wishes for her first-born child on a beautiful day at the lake nine years ago.”


Holding hands

Contributor: Brian Solie of Stanley, Wisconsin

Date of picture: 1943

Date of contribution: February 10, 2016

Caption: “I received this picture from a cousin recently, and thought you might be interested in using it in the Bulletin Board section of the paper. I call it ‘Cousins out for a stroll.’

“It’s a picture of my cousin Bonnie Kolstad, age 2, and myself, age 4, taking a walk in in 1943, in Stanley, Wisconsin (Western Wisconsin), on a summer day.”


toy soldiers

Contributor: Grampie from Lake Elmo

Date of picture: Unknown

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “My daughter is innovative and also very handy. For different occasions, she will make costumes for her children. (They have seven.) In this picture, she has made outfits to resemble the ‘March of the Toy Soldiers.’ She makes them all from scratch, even making the hats to fit each child. She also made the guns.

“P.S. I have other pictures if you’re interested.”


Brookman milk truck

Contributor: Mary Walsh of Minneapolis

Date of picture: 1918

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “I’d like to share this 1918 photo of my mother, Alice Brookman (standing), and May Kelly, sitting on the running board of this ‘vehicle’ with top down, which was apparently used to haul milk from the Brookman farm in Woodbury. May — school teacher at the local District 41 one-room schoolhouse — boarded at the Brookmans’ home. These two ladies married cousins Leo Schiltgen and Joe Schiltgen. I know nothing more about this truck except what you see in the photo.”


Brother Wilmer, father Frank

Contributor: Dotes (and Russell) Knoblauch

Dates of pictures: Unknown and August 1936

Date of contribution: January 25, 2010

Caption: “The better half is an 88-year-old farmer who loves old pictures. We read and enjoy the Board every day.

“The 12-year-old boy with the cart is his brother Wilmer. The cart was made by their great-uncle, who came from Germany and lived in Minnesota for two years. The pony’s name was Buster. The dog was Bob.

“The man on the grain binder is Russell’s father, Frank. The fellow on the tractor is Russell. And the guy shocking the grain bundles is Wilmer. The picture was taken in August of 1936.

“Please use them if you wish.

“Written by the other half. Excuse the poor penmanship.”

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