The little treasures (Volume 9)

On this Leap Day, let’s leap way back to the days when people were so proud of their cars (and other conveyances) that family pictures routinely included them. Here are a few — with more to come in days ahead.

1910 car

Contributor: Jean Larson of St. Paul

Date of picture: 1910

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “New car of my husband’s aunt and uncle in Montana. They are so proud. Year 1910.

“We can’t figure out what kind of lights they had on car. Does anybody know?”


Baby on running board, 1924

Contributor: Paul Lemke of St. Paul

Date of picture: 1924

Date of contribution: December 29, 2006

Caption: “I enjoy the Bulletin Board section.

“This photo was from a photo album my mother left with me. I am standing on the running board of what my mother called my dad’s little toad. [Bulletin Board says: Best guess, from the handwriting!] The photo was probably taken the year 1924, as I am now 83.”


Loren and Emma in sporty car, Winnebago, MN

Loren Jr. and cousin Gary on cow, Winnebago, MN

Contributor: Kate

Dates of pictures: ca. 1909 and 1932

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “Enclosed is a (1909?) picture of my dad, Loren T. Jenkins, and his first wife, Emma Weiss Jenkins, as the passengers in this ‘sporty’ automobile.

“The boys on the cow are my brother, Loren Jr. (Jiggs), and his cousin, Guy, in 1932, I believe.

“P.S. Both pictures were taken in Winnebago, Minnesota.”


Five kids on running board, 1941

Contributor: Brian Solie of Stanley, Wisconsin

Date of picture: 1941

Date of contribution: November 20, 2009

Caption: “Somewhere in Wisconsin . . . brothers and cousins enjoying a cone!

“Brothers — Dale, Jerry & Brian Solie

“Cousins (in white) — Fred & Julie Bucholtz


Kids & a car, 1935, Ada

Contributor: Alice O’Connor of St. Paul

Date of picture: 1935

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “Taken summer of 1935 on a farm up north, near Ada, Minnesota.

“Our mothers were making sauerkraut. Picture was labeled ‘The Sauerkraut Gang.’ I’m the big girl. My brother, Harold Ford, is holding our cousin Buddy Berglind. His sister, June Golubowicz, is the little girl, and Johnny Ford, in his cute sandals, almost got cut out of the picture. Harold, Johnny and Bud are all retired and live in Ada. June lives in White Bear Lake, and I’m an East Sider.

“The car? Nobody knows.”




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