The little treasures (Volume 8)

A trio of young trios today:

three little girls on steps, 1949

Contributor: Ruth Burkholder (Barbara’s mother)

Date of picture: June 2, 1949

Date of contribution: June 22, 2009

Caption: “I am enclosing a picture for ‘The little treasures’ of three 2-year-olds at Cathy Petersen’s birthday party on June 2, 1949, in Hudson, Wisconsin.

“Left to right: Barbara Lahl, Cathy Petersen, Barbara Burkholder. They have been good friends ever since and might be titled ‘Friends Forever.’

“Thank you.”


Goat cart w: three kids (no info)

Contributor: Unknown

Date of picture: Unknown

Date of contribution: 2006 (and possibly published then)

Caption: None


Three kids, from Joanne Pederson

Contributor: Joanne Pederson of Stillwater

Date of picture: ca. 1936

Date of contribution: May 9, 2006

Caption: “In one of the first pictures you ran of children and ponies, goats, etc., there was a girl with a big bow in her hair. I couldn’t help thinking of the days when my sister and wore those big bows. Here we are circa 1936. Left to right: myself, Joanne; my brother, Roger; and my sister, Donna. We lived in Rush City, Minnesota.

“When I was 2, my grandmother introduced me to soda crackers and milk, and it has been one of my favorite comfort foods. We also ate bread covered with cream and sprinkled with sugar. It’s not my favorite now.”





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