The little treasures (Volume 2)

One for the romantics, on Valentine’s Day:

Prom 1

Prom 2

Prom 3

Contributor: Maureen the French Teacher

Date of pictures: 1958

Date of contribution: 2014

Caption: “We know that spring is here when we see promgoers everywhere. 

“The prom is a tradition which brings me fond memories of the proms and spring dances of my youth. The photos depict in three parts the ritual circa 1958:

“Part I: ‘The Pinning on of the Boutonniere.’ This was accomplished while parents commented and took photos. I had a beautiful nosegay which we called a colonial bouquet. Hence, there was no need to pin on a corsage. (Thank God.) Not visible, but of note: Bill wore Old Spice after-shave, which was divine.

“Part II: ‘Formal Portrait at the Prom.’

“Part III: ‘The After Party With Friends.’ The following is the description of the party which I wrote in my diary on May 8, 1958: ‘We went to Anne’s Open House after the dance. It was a  real riot. Bill and I wore our sunglasses in and everyone roared. All the gang was there. We left about 2:15 a.m. and I got home at 2:30 a.m. Bill was just perfect.’ And . . . he still is!”


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