Bulletin Board stands corrected

Our butterflies, ourselves
Leading to: The vision thing (responsorial)

Wednesday’s BB included this note and picture from Doris G. of Randolph, Minnesota: “I looked real close at this Painted Lady butterfly, and it looks like it has a face: two eyes, nose, mouth and beard.


“Or it could be just me and my imagination.”

We shortly heard from two B. Boarders in Wisconsin:

The Doryman of Prescott, Wisconsin: “As you probably have been told many times by now, I believe Doris G.‘s picture is of a Red Admiral. Although easily confused with Painted Ladies, we know that errors are not easily overlooked in our community by those that ‘only a ______ would notice.'”

Shell Lake Granny: “I’m probably not the first to correct Doris G. of Randolph.

“Her butterfly is not a Painted Lady. It is a Red Admiral.”

BULLETIN BOARD SAYS: Now you know. And so do we!

Thanks, people.


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