Random Harvest (No. 5)

A video every golfer should see (and every non-golfer should enjoy!):

Sam Snead didn’t have better rhythm!


“As Neil Young would say: ‘Long time gone.'” Well, sure, OK — but still as fresh as yesterday!


Who were you then?

Here’s a Saturday email from our Official Attorney, Mr. Tulkinghorn — once again off the clock: “One of my partners turns 38 today, so I was reminiscing with her, to wit:

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After only a few weeks in the countryside, city boy goes straight!

Website of the Day (responsorial)

Walt of Wayzata read the marvelous article we chose as our most recent Website of the Day — “Field of dreams: heartbreak and heroics at the World Ploughing Championships” — and now reports: “It brought back the memory of when I worked for a few weeks on a farm near Silver Lake during threshing season. It was when I was 12 and 13.

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Random Harvest (No. 2)

We will say (assert? maintain? declare? grunt? snort?) it simply: This is one of our favorite documents.


It’s the guidance Wolcott Gibbs gave to his fellow-editors of The New Yorker, in that magazine’s early years. It’s mostly great advice, still.

It’s lifted (by some other blogger, and copied, many years ago, by us — which might or might not explain the weird typography in Nos. 26 through 29) from the great James Thurber’s “The Years With Ross” — Ross being Mr. Ross, Mr. Ross being The New Yorker’s founding editor, Harold Ross. (What do you think he’d have made of that sentence?!)

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Random Harvest (No. 1)

And now for something quite a bit different.

It’s wintertime, once again — and once again, with the golf courses firmly closed,  it’s time for us to attempt some organization of the numberless items we (unrepentant pack rat) have accumulated over the years.

Struck us that you would enjoy seeing some of it — and that having pack-ratted it here, we could safely send it to Recycling. Win-win!

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