Riddle: How do you make a Guinness float?

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Writes The Hastings Crazy Quilter: “I was in London the first week of August 2018. It was an unusual time in London: They were in the 10th week of a drought, and it was blistering hot — the hottest stretch of weather they’d had in 41 years. There isn’t a lot of air-conditioning in London, but I was doing OK in the place I was staying (the Captain Bligh House; yep, that Captain Bligh), as I was on the top floor and got a nice cross breeze. Even so, I made note of the pub at the end of the street, because it was air-conditioned.

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Random Harvest (No. 14)

Fun facts to know and tell

We certainly hope that some of you will join us in finding this fascinating: These ‘Persuasive Maps’ Want You to Believe

Here’s a direct link to Cornell’s Persuasive Cartography collection.

Don’t get too lost in it!

It’s the final month of a year ending in 8. Time for new wheels?

Till death us do part
‘Tis the Season Division

An entry in the Permanent Spousal Record maintained by DebK of Rosemount: “Taxman and I are not gift-giving (to each other) people. Still, every decade, Taxman is taken with the notion that ‘the Bride’ ought to have a new car.

“Much about this phenomenon is predictable. It manifests in years ending in an 8 — and always in December, when Taxman is convinced that ‘deals’ are to be had, and just in time for him to boast to the kids that ‘This year, I’m getting Mom something for Christmas — something really big!’

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