The little treasures (Volume 31)

A good Monday morning to you, as we continue to time-travel backward, into the sometimes-underdocumented past.

ww ii jeep

Contributor: Bill Farley of St. Paul

Date of picture: 1946 (?)

Date of contribution: July 10, 2003

Caption: “I thought you would be interested in this picture of a jeep I made, starting in late 1945 and finished in mid-1946.

“I was in the 100th Infantry Division. After the bomb dropped in Japan, we were scheduled to go home, but I lacked one point. Fifty-five points were required. I had 54. I was transferred to military government motor pool.

“Shortly after arriving, my captain heard that the Army was going to sell jeeps at $200, $400, and $600, and small planes for $1,000. He collected $200 from four of us and flew to Paris. He came back with titles for four jeeps and one plane. The sale was stopped the next day. Twenty jeeps were sold.

“I took my jeep to a German body shop that was doing body work for our motor pool. They assigned a journeyman, and he completed it in approximately eight months and earned his master’s.

“The original jeep is still there, except windshield, seats (from an Audi), Mercedes hubcaps, steering wheel from a junked 1939 Plymouth.

“Hope you can use this. My apologies for this long letter.

“P.S. I came home in December 1947. I sold it for $1,500. I bought a new Dodge for $1,900.”


Cowboy w: striped shirt (no info)

Contributor: Unknown

Date of picture: Unknown

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: None


Frannk on a horse, 1935

Contributor: Possibly Joe Laine [or Zaine]

Date of picture: ca. 1935

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “About 1935. On Ada Street in St. Paul.

“This horse really got around.

“This was a big deal when we were kids living in the city.”


Goat cart with George Murray

Contributor: Bryan Reagan of Woodbury

Date of picture: ca. 1915

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “As a regular reader of the paper, I have been interested in your itinerant-photographer series of goat-cart pictures. I have enclosed a photo of my 1st cousin once removed, George Clinton Murray, and would like him included in the series. I would also like to buy the book when it comes out.

“I always thought, as a child, how lucky he was to have a pet like that goat. I never realized that the goat belonged to the photographer.”


Contributor: Depression Era Kid

Date of picture: 1933

Date of contribution: October 24, 2007

Caption: “A photo of the student body of my school, taken in the fall of 1933 at District 65 in Benton County.

“It was a one-room school without water or electricity. There were 26 students total in the eight grades. My brother was absent the day of this picture.

“The ‘school marm’ was a 20-something single gal who boarded with a nearby farm family during the week and went home only on weekends. She taught all eight grades without any help. During cold weather, she was required to get to school an hour early to fire up the pot-bellied stove so there was heat when school began at 9 a.m., and it was her responsibility to keep this wood-burning stove going all day.

“I’m the boy sitting on the ground in the front row with the bib overalls, one of six first-graders.”


 Contributor: Kathy Gosiak of Wyoming, Minnesota

Date of pictures: July 29, 2005, and 1975 (?)

Date of contribution: October 10, 2005

Caption: “When I took this picture of my grandson Nicholas, I was reminded of a picture taken some 30 years earlier, of his mom, Stephanie. When I had the picture developed and found the one of his mom, I knew I had a match.

“Like mother, like son.”

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