The little treasures (Volume 29)

Still more, still more, still more!

7 on a horse

Contributor: Unknown

Date of picture: Unknown

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “Seven on a horse.

“One is former Boreas Rex of St. Paul Winter Carnival. Which one? His year and name?”


Pics 1 & 2 from Jan Smith
Pic 3 from Jan Smith

Contributor: Jan Smith of St. Paul

Dates of pictures: 1914-1917

Date of contribution: May 9, 2006

Caption: “We have really enjoyed your various vintage photos of children on horses, in carts pulled by goats, airplanes, etc., and thought you might like to see these family photos of my parents, Carl Carlson and Marguerite (Colquhoun) Carlson.

“The little boy on the donkey is my dad, Carl Carlson, with his sister Agnes standing beside him. This is around 1914, when Dad was about 4 years old. I think it was taken at their home on Williams Hill in St. Paul.

“The picture with the cart pulled by a goat has my mom, Marguerite (Colquhoun) Carlson, and her bigger cousin  Gladys Velin. This was about 1915, with Mom about 1-1/2 years and Gladys at 3-1/2 years.

“The little girl in the car is my mom — probably taken around 1917, with Mom about 3 years old.

“They were all taken by door-to-door photographers who brought their props for these cute photos.

“Hope you enjoy our family treasures.”


Contributor: Little Sister Judy

Date of picture: 1937 (?)

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “Another picture taken by the traveling photographer in downtown St. Paul. I’d guess 1937.

“This is my big sister and our mother.

“And she’s still a cutie-pie! I love you, Jane.”


Contributor: Sonia Murphy of Minneapolis

Date of picture: About 1916

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “The Adolph Olson family making hay in the Warroad area, about 1916.

“My grandparents, Adolph and Emma Olson. Adolph came to the United States in 1887 from Närke, Sweden. Emma emigrated to America from Blekinge, Sweden. Had a son, Arthur, and two daughters, Althea and Sylina, my mom. What a great Independence Day picture!”


Contributor: LCM of Cameron, Wisconsin

Date of picture: July 2005

Date of contribution: July 2005

Caption: “I read your column daily — laugh, cry and share in the lives of the people who contribute. I’m enclosing a picture that the readers might enjoy.

“I’m waiting for a B-M and a J of J. Someday, soon!?

“Keep up the good work!”

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