The little treasures (Volume 23)

STILL WORKING THROUGH our inventory of pictures submitted but unused, back in the sometimes-underdocumented past!

Littfin family

Contributor: Dick Littfin of West St. Paul

Date of picture: 1961

Date of contribution: April 21, 2011

Caption: “This is a photo of my wife, Mary, and daughters (clockwise: Laurianne, 2; Kathleen, 6; and Nancy, 5). The picture was taken in 1961. Have you ever seen a Mother more proud and loving of her children? Note the loving expressions and body language that the girls have for their Mother!

“Mary saw to it that the girls were taught voice lessons, piano lessons, and tap dancing. Mary & I were so proud of the girls when they performed in the recitals.

“Laurianne became a nationwide muralist. Kathleen is a chaplain, activities director, and massage therapist at an assisted-senior-living facility. Nancy became a high-school librarian.

“My dear Mary passed away in June 2006. Oh, how we miss her beautiful loving smile. A great friend to many.

“To all you Mothers out there . . . HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

“Sincerely, Dick Littfin

“PS. This article would be appropriate to appear in the Mother’s Day edition. Thank you.”


motor mailbox

Contributor: Jerry Hanggi of Maplewood

Date of picture: Unknown

Date of contribution: June 29, 2012

Caption: “Speaking of mailboxes: Why not take an old 25 hp outboard motor, gut the innards and turn it into a mailbox?”


grandma pitman

Contributor: Les Pitman of Vadnais Heights

Date of picture: ca. 1951

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “Grandma Pitman’s first granddaughter, about 1951. The granddaughter now has three granddaughters of her own.”


Menomonie class of 1885

Contributor: Dorothee Angel of Maplewood

Date of picture: Unknown

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “Now that graduations are coming, I want to share a picture of my mother’s class of 1885. She is in the back row, with the X.”


Mom and baby girl, Sheboygan

Contributor: Bob Ongna of Esau Claire, Wisconsin 

Date of picture: 1952

Date of contribution: January 23, 2012

Caption: “This a picture of my mom and me, taken in late summer 1952. My mom is making sure I don’t fall off the bench. The picture was taken by my Grandma Van Wyk on their farm in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.

“On the back, my grandma wrote in Dutch (roughly translated) Nicky and Bobby. I made the hat, and Nicky made the red coat.

“Then my grandma mailed it to her sister, who had stayed in Holland.

“About 50 years later, my grandma’s sister passed away. Her family sent the picture back to the States, my mom gave it to me, and now I’m sharing it with you!

“My mom turns 85 on March 13, 2012.”


car with shooter girls

Contributor: Sally Krupich of Woodbury

Date of picture: 1951

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “This photo recently surfaced. The two girls in the photo are my sister (Susan Clements McCloskey) at the back of the car, and me (Sally Clements Krupich) along the fender. It was taken in 1951. We remember how excited we were to have our own cowgirl outfits. We recently showed the pictures to our 85-year-old dad. Looking at the picture, he proudly beamed and said, ‘Yep. That car sure was a beauty!'”

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