The little treasures (Volume 22)

More from our nearly inexhaustible supply of pictures and captions (if any) that never found space in the newspaper, back in the day:

kids on rock

Contributor: Mrs. James Holcomb of Marine on St. Croix

Date of picture: 1950

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “Surviving the summer heat in 1950:

“After days of heat, Mom & Dad would take us on a vacation to escape our ever-hotter house on Brainerd Street in St. Paul. No friends or neighbor houses we knew of had air conditioning in 1950. But our 1950 Dodge had special Model 4WWO air conditioning (4 Windows Wide Open). This trip, I think, was out west rather than up north, and I can’t remember where the rock was that my sister and I climbed. I told her the other day we probably couldn’t find it now, because at our age it’s probably weathered away.

“P.S. Lifetime subscriber. In 1950s, I delivered the paper starting on Payne & Hawthorn, to Jessie & Brainerd.”

Old UPS truck

Contributor: Greg Hoppe of St. Paul

Date of picture: Probably 1930

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “Here is an old-timey photo of my grandpa. I’m told it was when UPS was at their beginnings. The company was previously called Package Delivery Service. My grandpa, Ed Hoppe, is accepting a package from the men in top coats. The truck, I think, is an early Model T. Probably 1930.”

Beverly Coleman's mother

Contributor: Beverly J. Coleman of Ladysmith, Wisconsin

Date of picture: 1910

Date of contribution: March 19, 2009

Caption: “Mom died 33 years ago today. Sometimes seems like yesterday and sometimes like a life ago.

“Community Hospital in Battle Creek, Michigan was not a teaching hospital, so no interns. Mom delivered many babies while waiting for a doctor to make it through storms and etc. Whenever a doctor had a difficult case he wanted to schedule to come in, he would first check to see if ‘Patton’ was working. When she retired, several doctors gave her an oak shingle with ‘Doctor Patton’ carved on it.

“Before the days of portable X-ray machines, the patient was taken to the X-ray department. Ask any mother; lying flat and quiet on an X-ray table while experiencing labor was really miserable. Mom would accompany then, stand by their side and hold their hands. Her calm demeanor truly helped. Unfortunately it probably caused her death. Today X-ray technicians are protected by standing behind a special enclosure. Mom died of multiple myeloma.

“Love the Bulletin Board.

“Info on back of picture!

Notes written at various times on the obverse:

Mildred Evelyn Lewis Patton

“b Feb 1, 1908 Streator Ill.

“d March 19, 1976 Shaker Heights O

“picture taken 1910

“lived in Battle Creek Mich 1926-1975

“Married to Hugh (Scotty) Patton

“He died in 1964 — Battle Creek

“1 child Beverly June Patton Coleman

“b 6-23-25

“3 grandchildren 2 boys 1 girl

“Meriwether Lewis father’s brother patriarch of our line

“Mom retired from Community Hosp in Battle Creek 1974 — she was a labor and delivery nurse — 23 years — much loved and admired

“She would have been 101 years old tomorrow (Thur)

“Lost her way too soon”

Crosley, etc.

Contributor: Warren Utecht of Bayport

Date of picture: 1958

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “Those Were the Days, 1958′

“If only I had the old Crosley back now. Think of the gas mileage.”

On the obverse: “L to R: Jim’s Olds, ’57 Pontiac, Warren, Crosley.”

camo bunny

Contributor: Lynda Hirschboeck of St. Paul

Date of picture: 2008

Date of contribution: July 17, 2008

Caption: “Here is Baby Br’er Rabbit hiding out in my back-yard ‘briar patch.’ He moved when we first saw him, then stayed perfectly still while I took a few photos. The next morning he was gone, with no signs of foul play, and I assume he’s among the many resident rabbits that seem to find this year’s plantings especially tasty. Now, if only they would eat the weeds instead . . .”

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