The little treasures (Volume 18)

A few glimpses of the century past:

Tom Thumb Wedding 1

Tom Thumb wedding 2.jpeg

Contributor: Joan Gallagher of Inver Grove Heights

Date of picture: September 1937

Date of contribution: June 25, 2006

Caption: “Ever since I’ve been seeing pictures of kids with goats, I was thinking about sending in a picture of me, along with my sister Audrey and my two brothers, David and Paul, in a Tom Thumb wedding at Hazel Park playground in September 1937. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the picture of another Tom Thumb wedding in the Sunday morning Bulletin Board.

“I remember going to the playground to practice for this wedding. When I found out I had to let my brother Paul, who was the groom, kiss me on the cheek, I told my mother no, that I wasn’t going to be in the wedding. My mother said: ‘I’ll give you a penny if you’ll do it.’ I said: ‘OK.’ A penny was a big deal when you’re 5 years old.

“My sister Audrey was my maid of honor. My brother Dave was Audrey’s partner.

“In the picture, Audrey is to my left. David is directly behind her, and Paul is directly to my right.

“My dress was made out of crepe paper. I thought that was special.

“The picture of just Paul and me is showing that Paul looks like he was happy he got the kiss, and I look like I was mad because he got the kiss! Ha, ha!

“Audrey and David are deceased. We really had some great times when we were kids!

“Paul is now 76, and I’m 73-3/4.

“I have such wonderful memories of all the fun I had at Hazel Park playground.”


Formal dinner, Lowry Hotel (left)


Formal dinner, Lowry Hotel (right)

Contributor: Jay Mae of Star Prairie, Wisconsin

Date of picture: March 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11, 1949

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “Suits and hats! My husband attended this.”


girl on pony, Allentown, Pa.

Contributor: Connie LaVenture of Inver Grove Heights

Date of picture: Early 1940s

Date of contribution: July 6, 2012

Caption: “Saw the ‘little treasures’ picture in the Friday, 6-26 edition, and it brought back memories — only mine was taken in Allentown, Pa. That must have been ‘the in thing’ in the early 1940s.

“P.S. You can barely see the long ‘doggie’ curls. They were made by wrapping a clump of wet hair around a clothespin and tying it with a piece of cloth until the hair dried.”


Four little Indians

Contributor: Doris Kuehl of Oakdale

Date of picture: Unknown

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “Their father boasts that these four little German/Norwegian ‘Indians’ today weigh, altogether, about 200 pounds less than half a ton. Mother boasts how their Indian outfits were made from gunny sacks purchased at a feed store on Highway 36 between St. Paul and Stillwater. The pheasant feathers were from birds their dad and uncles shot in Western Minnesota. Naugahyde trim came from their dad’s canvas shop, now owned by the youngest Indian.”


CCC latrine (front)

CCC latrine (back; only info I have)

Contributor: Dick Hall of Cottage Grove

Date of picture: 1934

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “Latrine at C.C.C. camp No. 1765 #2, Cass Lake, Minn., 1934”






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