The little treasures (Volume 17)

Happy (albeit not exactly spring-like) Easter, everyone.

Easter bunny

Contributor: Betty

Date of picture: 1951

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “1951 Easter: My son & daughter, Skip (8) &  Barb (5), visiting the Easter Bunny at the Golden Rule in downtown St. Paul. I am sure we stopped by for one of their delicious malts at the bottom of the escalator — their favorite treat!”


Cowgirls with chicks, Easter

Contributor: Peggy Kipka of St. Paul

Date of picture: Spring 1952

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “While putting together a scrapbook for my mom’s 90th birthday, I found this picture of my two sisters, Kathie Madvig and Patti Janssen, in their cowgirl outfits and boots. The pictures were taken in the spring of 1952, as they both are holding baby chicks which they had received in their Easter baskets. While the chicks are long gone, and the boots are gone, my Mom still has in her cedar chest their cowgirls outfits. Apparently they were just too cute to part with.

“Hope that they can make it into the Bulletin Board, as I don’t think we’ve seen any cowgirls.”


gang on Agate Street

Contributor: Jim Larson of Roseville

Date of picture: April 7, 1947

Date of contribution: April 23, 2011

Caption: “It’s baseball season, and the gang on Agate Street is getting ready to clean off the old baseball field on Agate Street between Case and Sims Streets.

“The old ice house in the background is no longer there. In the picture, from left to right, are Ray Pourrier, Jack Olding, Tommy Hanks, Jack Zika and Ray Larson.”


Sidewalk photo, Whitey & EvelynContributor: Dave, Denny and Doug Nielsen of St. Paul

Date of picture: Late 1930s

Date of contribution: August 3, 2010

Caption: “This sidewalk photo was taken in the late Thirties of our parents, Frantz (Whitey) and Evelyn Nielsen. Mom is, sadly, gone now, but Dad is still living in and maintaining the Maplewood house that he built for them. He still drives into town from the ’burbs, though not on the freeway anymore. He turns 95 years old on August 13th, 2010. Happy birthday, Dad!”



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