The little treasures (Volume 15)

We wish you good health (physical and mental) this fine Sunday.

Here are a few glimpses of more-ordinary times.

Kids with skis

Contributor: Eleanor Foster Nessel of Stacy

Date of picture: 1934

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “In the year 1934, during the Depression, we were happy to have some outdoor activities, as money was scarce for entertainment.

“The picture is of the Foster family — left to right: Bart, Luella, Marcella, Chuck and Eleanor — with our mom. We lived in Mahtomedi, where we learned to ski and to skate on White Bear Lake in the winter months. No matter that the skis towered above us; they still took us down the hill. Being the youngest of the five, I tried to emulate what the older siblings did. Luckily, we had a hill behind our house, so it gave us a god start on which a beginner could practice.

“In the summer we swam and hiked, and occasionally we visited Wildwood Amusement Park in Willernie. My dad made a swingset out of a telephone pole and a two-by-four which was very sturdy, and where I spent much time on the swing and trapeze. Being outside was just part of our life, and we were all healthy.

“My sisters are gone now, but my two brothers are still living, and we have fond memories of the few years we spent enjoying nature as part of our family life.”


1955 couple

1955 couple (back side)

Contributor: Karen Flood of Eagan

Date of picture: Week of February 7, 1955

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: None



Girls at 1929 party w: dolls (front)

Girls at 1929 party w: dolls (back)

Party with dolls (front)

Party with dolls (back)

Contributor: Jean A. Didion of West St. Paul

Date of pictures: 1929

Date of contribution: June 10, 2008

Captions: None, except what is written on the back sides of the pictures.


goat cart with Shirley Thom

Contributor: Shirley Thom of Roseville

Date of picture: Unknown

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “Yes, I do remember those days, even at 81 years old!  This was taken when I was 6 years old in front of our home at 1970 Ashland. I do think this photographer had a very handsome-looking goat, and I looked pretty cute, too!

“Note: I’ll bet your mailbox will be loaded with goat pictures. This was a really big deal in those days.”


Three kids in toy car, 1919

Contributor: L. Ofstie of Columbia Heights

Date of picture: 1919 or 1920

Date of contribution: June 30, 2008

Caption: “I like the publishing of photos for ‘Little treasures.’ I enclose one (1919 or 1920) I think is charming. Maybe you will, too.”

On the obverse of the picture: “19th Ave. So., Mpls; Richard (Richie) Carlson and Dolores & Lorraine Ofstie (with hair ribbon). 2 story Carlson house and Episcopal Church — all gone now. Pic taken on Kodak box camera.”


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