The little treasures (Volume 13)

With the schools closed, and almost everything thinking of nothing but health:

family of 4, 1923, Gary, SD 1

Contributor: Doris Walima (“one of the Johnson girls”)

Date of picture: 1943-44

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “I have been enjoying looking at all the old pictures you have put in your paper about the Old Days.


“This picture was taken 1943-44 in Goodridge, Minnesota. This was our school bus that took us from the farm area into town after our country school closed. There were 11 of us farm students. The older and bigger kids sat in the back holding the smaller children. Three families were picked up. There was the Elmer Johnson family (five of us), the Hutchenson family (four), and the Arne Markuson family (two). Our bus driver was the local pub’s driver, Ed Hasel.

“This would not fly now: no seat belts; we were all so well packed in, we did not need them.

“The route was about eight miles long.”


1954 nursing class 1

1954 nursing class 2

Contributor: Judith Griffith Hansen of Stillwater

Date of picture: 1954

Date of contribution: August 22, 2012

Caption: “My nursing class of Northwestern Hospital of 1954 is having a 58th reunion on September 11, 12 & 13 at Mt. Olivet Retreat Center in Farmington, Minnesota.

“There were 59 in our class, and now 23 are coming, which is one-third — an amazing number!

“We were the first class to have a Central Teaching Program with Abbott & St. Barnabas nursing schools. We affiliated with Macalester College for our science classes.

“Northwestern is now Abbott Northwestern Hospital. St. Barnabas is no longer in existence.”


St. Joe's maternity bill

Contributor: Sparky-on-Alaska

Date of picture: 1951

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “Here is a copy of the bill from Saint Joseph’s Hospital when I was born on February 14, 1951. My mother wrote on the back: ‘Send this back, honey. The same bed in the ward was $8.25 last year, and now it’s $10.50.’ My brother was born January 15, 1950. I guess that makes us Older Than Dirt.”



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