The little treasures (Volume 11)

From the days when we could stand closer than six feet apart:

Four Johnsons, Lucca, ND

Contributor: V.A. of Maplewood

Date of picture: 1929 or 1930

Date of contribution: March 2008

Caption: “I’m sure this is a classic picture of all time.

“It’s the Johnson family of Lucca, North Dakota. They lived close to town, as you can see from the elevator. There isn’t a town there anymore, but we know there is a farm. We had a centennial family picnic there in July 2007. Over 100 relatives gathered there, and the grandson brought Grandpa’s ’31 Model ‘A’ car. The grandkids and great-grandkids all got to enjoy a ride.

“Only one girl in the picture is living, and she is 90 years old. We feel the picture was taken in 1929 or 1930. It must have been a special day, as the boys each are wearing a poppy. Nice new overalls and a three-piece suit. The girls have home-made matching dresses and a crinkly hair-do.

“I am a member of the family and take the St. Paul paper, so I will be looking for the picture.”

The obverse of the picture says: “Left to right: George, Fred, Clara & Annie”


3 bathing beauties, Circle Pines, 1957

Contributor: Dianne Johnson of Bayport

Date of picture: 1957

Date of contribution: prob. 2010

Caption: “With swimming season upon us, I thought I would send in this old picture of three bathing beauties. It was taken in Circle Pines in 1957. I’m the one in the middle. I haven’t seen the two sisters, Arlene and Kathy Roll, for 50 years. How fashion has changed. Now that I’m 61, my skin hangs the way my swimsuit did then!”


1921 family w:o smiles

Contributor: Orpha Radford of Inver Grove Heights

Date of picture: 1921

Date of contribution: Unknown

Caption: “This is the 25th Anniversary photo of my father’s family. He is the one with a bow tie. They had flowers, a gift of silverware, cake and the ever-present Bible. Everything except smiles. They were gentle, hard-working Southwestern Minnesota farmers. They were also strict God-fearing Norwegian Lutherans. They all had a family dimple in their chin, and not one was overweight. I loved them all very much and have many wonderful memories!”


Hill School class picture

Contributor: Patricia Johnson of Maplewood

Date of picture: May 1949

Date of contribution: September 1, 2016

Caption: “I was ‘blown away’ by the picture of children in the kindergarten class at the James J. Hill School, thinking at first glance it was my picture from the time I was there in 1949, in the 2nd grade.

“I wish my parents had written names of the students in my class, the way The Elway Street Nana‘s father did for her.

“I remember a Sandy, a Joan, a Tommy, a Barbara, but no Kathleens.

“I am the fourth girl from the right, front, seated row. A few of us are smiling.

“I like the Bulletin Board. You never know what you’ll see or read!”



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