Random Harvest (No. 1)

And now for something quite a bit different.

It’s wintertime, once again — and once again, with the golf courses firmly closed,  it’s time for us to attempt some organization of the numberless items we (unrepentant pack rat) have accumulated over the years.

Struck us that you would enjoy seeing some of it — and that having pack-ratted it here, we could safely send it to Recycling. Win-win!

We begin with a clipping from a 50-year-old edition of the St. Paul Dispatch — from the days when the newspaper had a Youth News section (imagine that!) featuring an advice column called “Dear Mary Ann.” Yes, unless we are sadly misinformed, this is the very same Mary Ann — Mary Ann Grossmann (note the double-n at the end; no one ever spells her name right!) — who has been informing Twin Citians about books for decades longer than the girl with the problem nose had been alive.

And good advice, to boot.

Ask Mary Ann

Ask Mary Ann 2

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