Why have they been out on the deck, fiddling with their radio, from April through September?

The highfalutin pleasures

Ramblin’ Rose exults: “Subject: They’re baaaack!


“At 9:17 Friday morning, we got the best email we’ve had in a while: The Twins are back on WCCO Radio.

“All right! It’s about time.

“They were on the Good Neighbor for 46 years, but left in search of what they thought would be richer pastures — currently, a station the team owns. Frustratingly, this station doesn’t even reach the entire metro, having a dead spot out here on the east side. For years we’ve had to sit out on the deck with a telescoping-antennae radio for any hope of picking up a broadcast. Of course, our neighbors were mildly entertained by our efforts, as we turned the radio to different angles while swirling the antennae in hope of hearing the crack of a bat.

“But happy days are ahead. We’ll soon be able to pick up the games on a radio inside our house. What a concept.

“We’re in.

“Go Twins!

“Welcome back.”

Our theater of seasons

Midday Sunday email from Mounds View Swede: “After days of cloudiness, Sunday morning came with the sun. I noticed how a few remaining leaves caught the light, and I enjoyed them moving in the breeze.


“One remaining branch of a vine on my deck had some leaves caught nicely by the sun.


“And my one remaining snapdragon still had a few blossom remnants left with hints of yellow in them.


“My one red oak tree has kept many of its leaves, as it usually does, so they were getting lit up nicely.


“And my few milkweed pods finally had some seeds coming out.


“I planted a few tall grass-type plants to provide interest in the winter months, and they were busy doing that.


“What a difference some sun can make — especially noticeable after being hidden by clouds. I have read that November is Minnesota’s cloudiest month. I always pay attention to how my spirits lift on a sunny day and how my eyes are drawn to the blue sky. I think that is part of my Swedish heritage, from its being so dark in Sweden during the fall and winter months.

“Savor those sunny moments while you can. As I write this, it is already clouding up again.”

Could be verse!

Tim Torkildson: “From the New York Times: ‘The findings also have implications for how conservation scientists think about vulnerability to extinction, Dr. Shapiro added. The passenger pigeon illustrates that even species with colossal population sizes are not safe from disappearing.’

“So thick they blotted out the sun when flying to and fro,
“These pigeons numbered in the millions not so long ago.
“A single buckshot discharge could bring down about a score,
“For pioneers to pluck and roast, and then go back for more.

“Just like the shaggy bison, these birds pell-mell were slaughtered;
“Their simple blood was spilled so much, the prairie ground it watered.
“But bison were salvaged by our conscience-stricken nation,
“While these poor fowl were hunted to a final desolation.

“Is there, then, much safety in the teeming, surging crowd —
“Or does the very size of it produce its own dread shroud?
“Majorities appeal to man and beast as havens snug —
“But just remember Noah when you start to feeling smug!”

Our times

Kathy S. of St. Paul reports: “The news has been full of scandals lately, and folks have been demanding punishments that might or might not be appropriate. So I’m sharing my Rules of Fitting Punishment.

“Namely: The punishment must fit the transgression, and I can’t wish for anything lethal or nasty, etc..

“For example: When I went back to school to learn engineering, I was by far the oldest student in my classes. And one younger guy drove me nuts. He was so chauvinist that he gloated out loud in the student lounge about his male bonding with other guys. Yuck!

“So I wished upon him a female boss.

“His posturing never bothered me again.”

Gee, our old La Salle ran great!
Old-Time Radio Division

The Gram With a Thousand Rules remembers: “‘Gang Busters’! We used to listen to this exciting radio program when Daddy had an out-of-town carpentry job. The first time that our dad was accidentally exposed to it, it scared the bejabbers out of him. He was back home again and eager to give us a ride in the new used car he had just gotten a ‘heck of a deal’ on. It was a ‘honey,’ he said, because it had a radio! A radio! In the car!

“Here we were, Mom in the front seat next to Dad and the four of us younger kids in the back seat. Daddy turned the radio on with a flourish, and right after the station break, the police sirens started screaming. Daddy let out a torrent of cuss words: ‘Where are the scurvy blankety-blanks? I’m not speeding! Kids, do you see where those blankety-blanks are?’ We were snickering, but Mom took pity on him and said: ‘Jake, the police aren’t after you. That is just a radio program.’ He smarted with embarrassment for a couple of blocks, and then he laughed.

“We didn’t have to wait for Dad to go out of town to listen to ‘Gang Busters’ after that. He was hooked.”

The Permanent Grandsonly Record

Kingfisher’s Mom: “Subject: What a difference 10 years make.

“In November 2008, BB shared two pictures of my grandson Connor.



“He was born on November 11, 2007, and each year I take a photo in our turkey-roasting pan.

“Now he is 10 years old and a bit reluctant to pose; heavy negotiations — for time on the iPad. He chose this shirt to wear. It’s what his Papa calls him.


“Love this boy. He makes me laugh all the time.”

Not exactly what he had in mind
Or: The littleralists

Al B of Hartland writes: ” It was one of those thrilling days of yesterday.

“‘Watch where you step,’ I told the youngster as he visited the barn.

“He smiled and intentionally stepped into a fresh cowpie.

“I couldn’t be angry with him because he did exactly what I told him to do. He watched before he stepped. He even took the time to aim.”

Band Name of the Day: Roasting Varmints

Websites of the Day: “Crime Wave Special Report,” on “Gang Busters”

And “The Case of the Brothers in Banditry”


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