Do you suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome? A banana might help. Marijuana might help. What might really help?

Our times

Scout-N-the Valley: “Subject: America, This Is Our Future!


“Recently, while on business in Denver, Colorado, a colleague and I decided to explore the city and take in some of the culture, which included a stop at the cannabis store.

“We never inhaled!

“Coming from a state where it is not legal, we had so many questions and sought to find the answers.

“These stores are located in various parts of the city, with such names as ‘Reefer Madness,’ ‘The Haven,’ ‘Liv Well,’ and ‘Medicine-Man”, just to name a few.

“You do not just walk into these dispensaries; you have to show your picture ID; then, after they clear your name and hand you back your ID, a door on the other side of the room is electronically unlocked, and you walk into a smallish room with all kinds of paraphernalia on one side and the actual drug on the other side. You can purchase food items laced with pot, oils, dried pot in small bags, etc.

“We found these store clerks to be extremely friendly and more than willing to answer any and all of our questions. One clerk showed us his medical marijuana card that was legally attained by seeing a ‘Pot Doctor.’ This clerk explained to me he suffers from Restless Leg Syndrome and believes that pot has helped him sleep at night.

“I mentioned that eating bananas helps with this syndrome.

“He said: ‘Really? Wow, that’s great. I will have to find a way to infuse marijuana into a banana and eat it.'”

In memoriam

Lucky Buck reports: “Ran into an older fellow wearing a WWII honor guard cap. Thanked him for his sacrifice, and he said: ‘Omaha Beach. All gone. Last one left.’

“My heart dropped as I shook his hand.”

There & Here

Sleepless from St. Paul (in Minneapolis): “Recently caught up with the March National Geographic, which had a Vikings cover story. Looking at the map, it seemed many of the Vikings’ raids commenced from the same neck of the woods as my Norwegian ancestors. I hauled out my cousin’s Norwegian genealogy research. These photos were taken by my cousin in Gudvangen, Norway, where my ancestors, 10 generations back, resided. The photos are labeled Naeroyfjord Sognefjord – Aurland.



170509bbcut-norway2“According to my cousin’s research, our Norwegians immigrated to Winneshick County, Iowa, in 1867, eventually settling along the southern Minnesota border. Almost 100 years later, a family reunion was held in Red Wing.


Jeg Drar.

See world (responsorial)

Your Late Night Lady:Twitty‘s spider sounds like the ones that visit my shower off and on. I sent one to an entomologist at the UW-Madison, and he identified it as a barn tunnel weaver. I, too, wonder what they eat, but if you Google it, you’ll find they can live as long as seven years, but don’t hang around in the same place for that long. Mine disappeared in early fall, and then one appeared in March, stayed for 24 hours and then left again. I was told that they arrived from Europe many years ago and now are found all over North America.”

Fellow travelers
Or: Our birds, ourselves (responsorial)

JC “on a beautiful sunny day in St. Paul: “Dear Bulletin Board,

“Will you please thank Aggie Girl for the photographs of the beautiful birds of South Padre Island?

And now Mounds View Swede: “Please thank Aggie Girl and the others who have sent in those spectacular bird photos. I don’t remember seeing any better than those — and with some, I am seeing a species for the first time. The variety out there is awesome!”

And LLjk: “Thank you, Aggie Girl, for all those bird pictures — and your stories about books and reading.

“Why is it that birds that live elsewhere seem so much more exotic than ours?

“Of course, I love keeping an eye on ‘my’ birds, and this spring I found a ‘new and exotic’ one on my deck. The Minnesota bird book says these tree swallows are common and found all over the state. Well, they were new to me, and I could not believe they were given such a ‘common’ name. When the sun hits them just right, their different blue hues shine like a Diva in full regalia.”

Unclear on the concept

Poet X of PDX writes: “Years ago, Alanis Morissette had her biggest hit with ‘Ironic,’ which purported to give examples of things ironic: ‘Rain on your wedding day,’ ‘A free ride when you’ve already paid.’ None of the examples was at all ironic, and I still have a hard time hearing that song.

“Now Papa Murphy’s has an ad campaign which attempts to blend ‘Papa Murphy’s’ and ‘Murphy’s Law.’ Problem is: Their attempt to provide examples of Murphy’s Law is about as accurate as Alanis Morissette’s SNAFUs.

“I doubt the creators of the series (per Google, created by Wongdoody) are aware that the commercials themselves are perhaps a better example of Murphy’s Law than their examples.

“How do these things get past the drawing board and actually make it into production? Sad, sad, sad.”


Fun facts to know and tell
Baseball Division

Dr. Chrysanthemum: “Was the Lou Gehrig/Babe Ruth Era the Golden Age of the Minnesota Twins?

“The 1924-1933 Yankees had Lou Gehrig at first (lifetime batting average .340). He usually led the league in RBI and led in home runs, walks, and slugging when Babe Ruth didn’t. In the outfield were the Babe (.342), Bob Muesel (.309 — he led the league in home runs when Lou and Babe didn’t), Earle Combs (.325, a frequent triples leader, and the top center fielder in baseball), and Ben Chapman (.302 and a frequent stolen-bases champ, with a best of 61). At second was Tony Lazzeri (.292 and the first man in professional baseball to hit 60 home runs in a season). Catching was Bill Dickey (.313, with season’s highs of 29 HR, 133 RBI, and .362 BA). Pitchers included Waite Hoyt, Herb Pennock, Lefty Gomez, Red Ruffing, and Wilcy Moore (all multiple 20-game winners, except Moore, who won 19 games and led the league in ERA as a reliever his rookie year).

“Such a team must have won the pennant — and the World Series — every year!

“Actually, the Yankees won the league championship four times during this 10-year period (classic underachievers?).

“The Philadelphia Athletics won three.

“Our Minnesota Twins (then playing under the name Washington Senators) won the other three, with one World Series Championship (1924 WS, 1925 AL, 1933 AL champs)!”

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