Halloween EXTRA!

Our theater of seasons

Halloween (pronounced with a short “a” … please!) email from our Official Attorney, Mr. Tulkinghorn: “I was thinking I’d wait until tomorrow to send the dreary November poem from Thomas Hood, but then I thought: ‘Today is such a beautiful autumn day, with the yellow-red-green palette of leaves below and the cloudless azure sky above, I should celebrate this rather than moan and groan about the coming months.’

“So, here’s to celebrating Halloween — and to hell with November. To brighten the day, check out this Jerry Seinfeld Halloween riff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MarBVyZVe9s

“All the best to the new BB!”

BULLETIN BOARD SAYS: Thanks. And, if you don’t mind,  counselor, you’ll keep that November poem to yourself!

Winter is too long already!

Our pets, ourselves

161031bbcut-halloweendogHappy Halloween from Little Canada!
Darth ‘Norman’ Vader
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